Alternative Energy at MSU

MSU researchers  have formed  a coalition with multiple disciplines to create a  solution for the world’s energy problem . People from  a broad range of disciplines, engineering , chemistry, mathematics and biology are working together to create the  most efficient and sustainable methods , and  to provide MSU and the world with CLEAN and affordable energy.   Rather then focusing on one possible energy solution MSU researchers are taking multiple approaches and diversifying the world’s energy portfolio.  Researchers are working on creating thermal  electric energy  ,  biofuels , and looking at ways to improve energy storage devices for  wind and solar power .  This initiative is  great and  is what  MSU Beyond  Coal wants the University to continue doing. The research being done by MSU students and professional will  be a great contribution to creating a clean energy future at  MSU. MSU calls itself  the Pioneer Land Grant University. A  Pioneer,  is someone who takes the lead or initiative, who opens or prepares the way for others. If we are to truly be pioneers at MSU, we must continue to work towards clean and efficient energy solutions  and lead the country and other universities beyond coal.


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  1. Check out a letter to the editor that got published in the The State News on March 31st 2010 by Talya Tavor: MSU Biofuel Grant a Positive Step for Clean, Health Future (


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