National Day of Action Coming Up!

Hey all!

I hope that you all had a great Halloween weekend!

This week we’re going to be continuing our efforts to build up visibility for our big National Day of Action coming up on November 17th! This is an event that will be happening all across the nation–as campuses are all getting ready to call out to their administrations to make a clean energy movement. We’re going to be having a HUGE pep-rally at the back of Wells hall and the International Center–in the field area. We’re going to be rallying for clean energy on campus, and just like the other campuses across the nation, we’re going to have hundreds of pinwheels displayed at the rally (which represent clean energy).

As the campus with the LARGEST on-campus coal plant in the country, it is especially important for us to show the mass support of a clean energy transition. We are one of the leading contributors to dozens of detrimental health problems, countless environmental issues and even economic hindrances–all because of the 250,000 tons of coal we burn annually. This can all change if the Administration realizes that they have no choice, but to transition away from this dirty energy source.

And what’s a better way to show this to the Administration than by having a pep-rally? We’re trying to work with other student organizations to generate a mass student coalition of support. After all, it’s one thing if a bunch of environmental organizations support an environmental cause; however, it’s an entirely different thing if a wide variety of student organizations rally together to support a cause!
If you know, or are a part of, any groups that would want to support our Clean Energy Rally–then email me back at

So, in order to make this rally a success, we’re going to be petitioning all week!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we’re going to be petitioning at the bridge behind Wells hall across from the Administration building from 11-3pm.
And on Thursday, we’re going to have a table set up to petition at the Union between 11-3pm

And, as always–we’re having our weekly meeting on Thursday at 7:30pm in 114 Berkey Hall.

Thanks for your support in the movement to make our school

-Talya Tavor


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