Special Meeting This Thursday!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to send out a reminder about our meeting tomorrow, it’s going to be a pretty important one this week–especially after the election results.

Now more than ever we’re needed to continue campaigning for clean energy! If the people in office won’t voice our views on a clean future, then it’s up to us! We can make this transition into a reality–it has already happened on several other campuses across the nation (most notably University of Wisconson, and University of Illinois), so why not MSU??

Our guest speaker this week will be Susan Harley, the Michigan Policy Director of Clean Water Action!

Susan is going to talk to us about the election results as well as possible solutions for transitioning beyond coal!

And to top it all off, we’re going to be making PINWHEELS for our Clean Energy Rally coming up on Nov 17th!

So I hope to see you all there, ready to learn, ready to make a difference, and ready to have a kick-ass time!!!
…tomorrow at 7:30 in 114 Berkey 😉

Go Green!!!

-Talya Tavor


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