Find Out How to Get Involved This Semester!

Hey guys!!

I hope everyone had a spectacularly restful break 🙂

It’s crazy that we’re starting classes again today, but there are so many exciting things that are happening on campus now, that it would be a shame to miss it!

For starters, MSU Beyond Coal has made a new Facebook page…so switch on over to that one! This will probably be the last time I send a message through this group. The URL is

Secondly, today we’re starting to have our informational sessions EVERYDAY at 2:30 and 5:30 in the Cyber Cafe in the Main Library (the area next to Sparty’s). So if you want to come and learn more about the situation going on at State, ways you can get a hold of some great volunteer/leadership opportunities, or even learn about the kick-ass internships that we have, then please fill out this quick form to RSVP
….or just show up 🙂

This semester, the Administration is going to be announcing the formation of a steering committee, which is incredible news!!! This committee will eventually form the goals regarding MSU’s energy future. And not only are they asking for students from Beyond Coal to be a part of the actual committee, they want us to help out with all other aspects of moving MSU to 100% clean energy too!

This is happening guys, and it’s students who are making this happen. This is the most exciting semester to start getting involved, because we could actually achieve our goal by the end of the semester!!

So, I really hope to see you guys at our information sessions everyday starting TODAY at either 2:30 or 5:30 (but I mean, if you’re of the real eager sort, we wouldn’t deny you from coming to both! ;)) in the Cyber Cafe of the Main Library!

Thanks so much guys, I hope you all have an AMAZING semester!

ps-don’t forget to switch groups!


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