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By definition, MSU Beyond Coal is a grassroots organization. An organization can gain power in two ways, through money, or through people. MSU Beyond Coal gets its power in the number of people that support us. In the past however, we have been called a “special-interest group,” that we only represent Environmentalist students on campus. Coalitions gains support from all kinds of groups. We work to gain support from Community groups and organizations, other Student Groups, Faculty and Staff, and Alumni and Donors. We gain as much support as possible from as many different places as we can, so that we can put as much pressure on the administration as we can. Coalitions works to show that burning coal is not a problem that only environmentalist students care about, but that it is a problem that affects everyone, and that there are numerous people and organizations willing to stand up against it.

Community Outreach: Community Outreach is an integral part of the realm of coalitions. Coal pollution does not only affect the health of students on campus but affects members of the surrounding communities as well. We are responsible for educating members of the Lansing and East Lansing communities of the detrimental health effects of burning coal. Actions include canvassing local businesses and phonebanking community organizations for endorsements supporting our message and cause.

Faculty: Having support among the students is very important, but having support among professors gives our campaign an added degree of legitimacy that will show the administration that there is collective community support for a coal-free campus. Faculty coordination involves sending out mass emails to professors that let them know about our campaign and ask them to fill out a formal endorsement slip. Faculty that endorse us will be added to our growing list that we periodically give to the administration. They will also be sent information about upcoming coalition events that they can pass along to their colleagues and students. The most interesting part of faculty coordination is going around and talking to different professors about our campaign. Many have a lot of good and interesting input to give us.


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