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As a student-led campaign, Beyond Coal allows students to learn the skills of media outreach, coalition building, and grassroots organizing.  Students may either volunteer with the Beyond Coal Campaign, or do an internship for credit through several colleges.

Since spring of 2010, students involved in our campaign have been on the radio, the Channel 6 and the Channel 10 news, the front page of the Lansing State Journal, and over a dozen students had articles and letters to the editor about our campaign published in local newspapers. Students have also participated in rallies, done relevant research, testified in court hearings, met with other students, alumni, faculty, and campus administrators to raise awareness on the issue, and also held meetings with Vice Presidents Gray, Poston, and Webster.  We are also co-representing the student voice in MSU’s newly formed energy transition steering committee.

To find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities visit our calendar or fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you!


The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign is hiring student interns for the Fall
semester. Internships will provide students with invaluable experience in grassroots
environmental organizing. Internship areas include, but are not limited to: media relations,
grassroots campaigning, coalition building and event coordinating.

Intern Responsibilities:
• Work a minimum of 10 hours per week on the Beyond Coal Campaign
• Participate in training workshops to gain skills essential to effective organizing
• Carry out recruitment tactics such as petition postcards, class announcements &
• Recruit, train, and manage a group of volunteers on an assigned project
• Assist with Clean Energy Days of Action, weekly large group gatherings, and other
• Conduct research and create materials for the campaign
• Rise to fill Leadership Positions—trainer and coordinator
• Report to the Sierra Club Organizer on a weekly basis

Available Positions include: Media Publications Coordinator, Media Coverage Coordinator,
Faculty Outreach Coordinator, Student Group Coalitions Coordinator, Grassroots Tactics
Coordinator, Visibility Coordinator, Academic Events Planning Coordinator, Powershift
Recruitment Coordinator, and Artistic Events Planning Coordinator

**For credit opportunities available**
(3—12 credits depending on hours worked)

FMI Contact: MSU Beyond Coal President, Talya Tavor:

I want to get involved!

If you cannot be an intern with us, but are still interested in helping out–fear not! We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities daily that you can participate in at your own leisure.

If you’re interested in learning more about internship or volunteer opportunities with the MSU Beyond Coal Campaign fill out this form with your contact info and we’ll get in touch with you!