Beyond Coal Petition!

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Coal is one of most dangerous and dirty energy sources today, not just because it pollutes people’s communities from mining to burning to disposing of the waste, or because it is the leading contributor to global warming, but because coal is holding us back from bringing about a clean, secure energy future.MSU needs to take the lead and to move beyond coal to 100% clean energy. We have an opportunity to shape our future—to create clean energy jobs, breathe clean air, and solve the climate challenge—but we need to act now.

I want MSU to be a leader and move beyond coal now!

MSU Beyond Coal is, at its core, a grassroots organization. Grassroots is a very important realm because it’s how we build power for our campaign. Through petitioning we inform the student body that our campus is in fact powered by a dirty coal-fired power plant and get them involved in our cause. There’s nothing more fun than getting together with a group of people and informing the student body about the shocking truth. The other really important part of the grassroots realm is phonebanking. This is where we call people who have said they wanted to volunteer when they signed a petition. Through petitioning and phonebanking we get the student body involved with our events and volunteering. If you’ve ever been intrigued by power then this is your realm. It’s the power house for Beyond Coal.

Phonebanking (verb): a chill, yet super entertaining activity that involves calling people that have signed interest cards, inviting them to meetings and/or events, and keep our volunteer base strong.

PowerClap (noun): Hey, you just got a volunteer to say yes to an event! To celebrate, clap loudly once. Everyone in the room claps together right after. When we take over the union and spread out, it’s pretty awesome.

When phonebanking with a group (like we always do!), the PowerClap keeps up the energy. When you get someone who is really interested in the campaign, it’s SO worth all the work. If it’s your first time volunteering, phonebanking is a very easy way to get a grip on what we are all about, since you can read from a script if you don’t have it memorized yet. So not much pressure 🙂

Phonebanking is actually one of the most important aspects of our campaign. Since we are a grassroots organization at heart, contacting people that have expressed an interest (via interest card), helps get them involved with our campaign. When we’ve got news to spread or an event to throw, we call through the list. This is how we get so many people to our events, how we keep volunteers coming to our weekly meetings, and how we remind people that we’re still here, chugging away. Without phonebanking, we would not have a volunteer base. So hop on those phones!


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