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Clean Energy Rally a Success!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone who came and helped out at today’s rally. It was a HUGE success!! We surpassed every single one of our goals and it definitely showed 🙂 And it’s all thanks to your help and support!

I know for a fact that we’re one step closer to achieving clean energy on campus!! We just need to keep up the AMAZING work, and soon it will fully pay off!

We’re going to have a special meeting tomorrow, to follow up on today’s event and start working on the really big meetings we have coming up, so we hope we can see you all there! It’s at 7:30 in 114 Berkey.

Thanks again for all of your support, you guys are amazing!!!


Come to Our Clean Energy Rally Tomorrow!

So it’s finally here! Our Clean Energy Rally is this Wednesday, Nov 17th at 2pm in the courtyard behind Wells Hall and the International Center!

This event is part of a National Day of Action–so we’re not just working with other student organizations across campus, but with campuses across the nation as well, to unite under clean energy leadership. At each campus, one of the main visuals is going to be featuring pinwheels that represent clean energy. At MSU, we’ve got well over 600 of them! After all of our events, we’re sending our pinwheels to D.C. to have a HUGE display of clean energy support there. There are going to be thousands of pinwheels, it’s going to be such an incredible movement!

In MSU Beyond Coal, our main goal is to get the administration to make a public commitment to move beyond coal as soon as possible. One of the best ways we’ve found in helping them along in that decision making, is by ensuring their awareness of the mass support around campus for this transition. MSU has done some things to ensure we have a clean energy future, but they have not done nearly enough! It’s up to us then to protect our health, the environment, and Michigan’s economy by making this transition a reality!

The fight for clean energy is the challenge of our generation, and at this rally, we have the opportunity to make our voices heard! We are the ones who can make MSUtruly green, and we are the ones who can make MSU a clean energy leader for the rest of the nation!

So help transition MSU out of the dirty, outdated past into the clean, innovative future by showing your support on Wednesday at 2pm! We’re also going to have some incredible speakers, free coffee, and some kick-ass cheers and more!

Then, after the rally, we’re going to be having our weekly meeting on Thursday at 7:30-8:30pm in 114 Berkey. This is going to be a really big meeting–so we hope to see you there!


Help Us Get Ready for Our Nation Day of Action!

Hey guys!

It’s time to show both our campus and national leaders that we must move beyond coal to clean energy solutions starting immediately. With so many recent disasters, accidents and spills in the dirty energy industry, we simply can’t wait. Communities are at risk from our addiction to these outdated fuels, but there is hope for exciting and innovative solutions available right now!

Therefore, this is a really exciting time for the MSU Beyond Coal Campaign–we’re gearing up for our biggest event of the year: a clean energy rally!!

It’s next week on November 17th at 2pm in the courtyard behind Wells Hall and the International Center. This event is part of a National Day of Action, so campuses across the nation are all going to be uniting in clean energy leadership. We’re all going to be featuring pinwheels at our events which represent clean energy, so come to the rally on Wednesday November 17th to make a pinwheel that will be delivered to Congress in D.C. after Thanksgiving break to show them you’re ready for clean energy.

In the meantime, in order to continue building up visibility for the campaign as well as for the Clean Energy Rally, we’re having:
-Wednesday table petitioning in Phillips Hall from 12-3pm and we’re also going to be making pinwheels there too 🙂
-Friday Dorm Storm for Pinwheels 3:30-5:30pm–we’re meeting in front of Brody caf
-Sunday Visuals Making Party 4-6pm in the main lounge of the union

And, as always–we’re having our Thursday weekly meeting at 7:30pm in 114 Berkey
This week, we’re having another speaker, Josh Buswell-Charkow, who is the Campaigns Director for Green Corps. He’s going to be doing a training at the meeting, so this is a great opportunity to learn from someone who knows the field, and knows how to make a successful campaign! Also, we’re going to be talking about some of the VIP meetings we’ve had the past two weeks. It’s going to be an especially interesting meeting, so we hope you can make it!

If you have any questions about the campaign or the upcoming events we’re planning, then don’t hesitate to ask!
RSVP for any and all events that you are attending to Talya at

Thanks so much!


Clean Energy Rally!

On November 17th, we’re putting on our BIGGEST event of the year: a Clean Energy Rally–we’re rallying to make a transition beyond coal energy to clean, renewable energy!

Our rally is going to feature several keynote speakers, free food, and even some musical entertainment!! It will also show off the HUNDREDS of clean energy pin wheels that you made–this is one event you cannot miss!

Campuses from across the nation are also going to be participating in this National Day of Action–uniting to demand clean energy leadership.

Fighting against dirty energy is the challenge of our generation, and this rally is an opportunity for YOU to stand up for your right to breathe CLEAN AIR!!

So join us on November 17th at 2pm and, as always, let’s make our campus…

Special Meeting This Thursday!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to send out a reminder about our meeting tomorrow, it’s going to be a pretty important one this week–especially after the election results.

Now more than ever we’re needed to continue campaigning for clean energy! If the people in office won’t voice our views on a clean future, then it’s up to us! We can make this transition into a reality–it has already happened on several other campuses across the nation (most notably University of Wisconson, and University of Illinois), so why not MSU??

Our guest speaker this week will be Susan Harley, the Michigan Policy Director of Clean Water Action!

Susan is going to talk to us about the election results as well as possible solutions for transitioning beyond coal!

And to top it all off, we’re going to be making PINWHEELS for our Clean Energy Rally coming up on Nov 17th!

So I hope to see you all there, ready to learn, ready to make a difference, and ready to have a kick-ass time!!!
…tomorrow at 7:30 in 114 Berkey 😉

Go Green!!!

-Talya Tavor

National Day of Action Coming Up!

Hey all!

I hope that you all had a great Halloween weekend!

This week we’re going to be continuing our efforts to build up visibility for our big National Day of Action coming up on November 17th! This is an event that will be happening all across the nation–as campuses are all getting ready to call out to their administrations to make a clean energy movement. We’re going to be having a HUGE pep-rally at the back of Wells hall and the International Center–in the field area. We’re going to be rallying for clean energy on campus, and just like the other campuses across the nation, we’re going to have hundreds of pinwheels displayed at the rally (which represent clean energy).

As the campus with the LARGEST on-campus coal plant in the country, it is especially important for us to show the mass support of a clean energy transition. We are one of the leading contributors to dozens of detrimental health problems, countless environmental issues and even economic hindrances–all because of the 250,000 tons of coal we burn annually. This can all change if the Administration realizes that they have no choice, but to transition away from this dirty energy source.

And what’s a better way to show this to the Administration than by having a pep-rally? We’re trying to work with other student organizations to generate a mass student coalition of support. After all, it’s one thing if a bunch of environmental organizations support an environmental cause; however, it’s an entirely different thing if a wide variety of student organizations rally together to support a cause!
If you know, or are a part of, any groups that would want to support our Clean Energy Rally–then email me back at

So, in order to make this rally a success, we’re going to be petitioning all week!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we’re going to be petitioning at the bridge behind Wells hall across from the Administration building from 11-3pm.
And on Thursday, we’re going to have a table set up to petition at the Union between 11-3pm

And, as always–we’re having our weekly meeting on Thursday at 7:30pm in 114 Berkey Hall.

Thanks for your support in the movement to make our school

-Talya Tavor

Meeting Tonight!

So yesterday was Campus Sustainability Day, and in honor of that, people from the coal plant decided to put on a panel to talk about all of the great things that they are doing and trying to do. They even had a cute little powerpower point to explain it all to us.

They told us that there’s no way MSU can start transitioning off of coal yet because of financial reasons and lack of technology. However, places all over the WORLD have somehow managed to get around these roadblocks—so what’s MSU’s problem?

As a student group, we represent the voice of the student body—which is no small thing! We speak for the 47,000 others who breathe in the TONS of toxic chemicals like Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, etc, that come from burning coal. We’re actually breathing this stuff in with every breath we take. And let’s face it, most of those 47,000 are completely oblivious to this.

That’s how the Administration is able to get away with continuously poisoning us and everyone/everything around us. They’re banking on the student body’s apathy.

So it’s up to us now to show them that we’re no longer willing to let our own health be put at risk! We’re no longer willing to accept their excuses of delayed change! We’re no longer willing to accept that the 31 coal-related deaths in Lansing-East Lansing area ALONE each year are worth our “perfect” energy source.

The Administration believes that the student green initiative is just a fad. They think we’re going to go away when our four year cycle is over. We need to show them that we don’t think preserving LIFE is a fad!

So come join us at our weekly meeting TONIGHT at 7:30pm in 114 Berkey–we’ll show MSU that we are here to stay, and we’re not going anywhere until they realize that it’s time for real change.

We’ll be the ones who teach MSU how to really GO GREEN!!!

Thanks so much for being a part of this with us!

We look forward to seeing you TONIGHT at 7:30pm in 114 Berkey!

-Talya Tavor