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Come to Our Spring Kick Off Meeting!

Next Tuesday, join the Sierra Student Coalition for the MSU Beyond Coal Spring Kick Off Meeting!

Coal is dirty, dangerous, and outdated.  As a leading academic and research institution, we have a responsibility to be leaders in the transition to a clean energy future by moving Beyond Coal here at MSU.

TUESDAY, January 25th at 7:00pm in Erickson Hall 224, the Sierra Student Coalition’s MSU Beyond Coal Campaign is having a Kick-Off Meeting for all students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other campus and community members interested in working to make MSU a coal-free campus. We hope to see you there!

What: MSU Beyond Coal Kickoff Meeting

When: Tuesday January 25th


Where: Erickson Hall 224

Arrive early for free veggie and chicken Chipotle burritos!

Special Guest: Dianne Byrum, trustee of Michigan State University

RSVP here!

As students, faculty, and staff here at Michigan State we have an incredible opportunity to demand that MSU become a truly healthy and sustainable place to live, work, and study!  So, we will kick the semester off with our guest speaker Dianne Byrum, one of the Michigan State University trustees, free food, and exciting updates this January 25th at 7:00pm in Erickson Hall 224.  This is THE event to attend to hear more about plans for a 100% clean energy MSU, and to find out how you can get involved.

Let’s have a strong showing for a Coal-Free Campus and clean energy here at MSU!   Thanks, and we hope to see you this Tuesday, January 25th at 7:00pm in Erickson 224! Don’t forget to RSVP here!

See you soon,

The MSU Beyond Coal Team

PS join the MSU Beyond Coal Facebook Fan Page online here and then make sure to invite/bring a friend to the Kick off meeting:!/pages/MSU-Beyond-Coal/181844538509958

Follow us on Twitter at!/MSUBeyondCoal

Don’t know where Erickson is? Check out this map at:


Meeting Tonight!

So yesterday was Campus Sustainability Day, and in honor of that, people from the coal plant decided to put on a panel to talk about all of the great things that they are doing and trying to do. They even had a cute little powerpower point to explain it all to us.

They told us that there’s no way MSU can start transitioning off of coal yet because of financial reasons and lack of technology. However, places all over the WORLD have somehow managed to get around these roadblocks—so what’s MSU’s problem?

As a student group, we represent the voice of the student body—which is no small thing! We speak for the 47,000 others who breathe in the TONS of toxic chemicals like Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, etc, that come from burning coal. We’re actually breathing this stuff in with every breath we take. And let’s face it, most of those 47,000 are completely oblivious to this.

That’s how the Administration is able to get away with continuously poisoning us and everyone/everything around us. They’re banking on the student body’s apathy.

So it’s up to us now to show them that we’re no longer willing to let our own health be put at risk! We’re no longer willing to accept their excuses of delayed change! We’re no longer willing to accept that the 31 coal-related deaths in Lansing-East Lansing area ALONE each year are worth our “perfect” energy source.

The Administration believes that the student green initiative is just a fad. They think we’re going to go away when our four year cycle is over. We need to show them that we don’t think preserving LIFE is a fad!

So come join us at our weekly meeting TONIGHT at 7:30pm in 114 Berkey–we’ll show MSU that we are here to stay, and we’re not going anywhere until they realize that it’s time for real change.

We’ll be the ones who teach MSU how to really GO GREEN!!!

Thanks so much for being a part of this with us!

We look forward to seeing you TONIGHT at 7:30pm in 114 Berkey!

-Talya Tavor