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MSU Beyond Coal is a campaign that launched in the Spring of 2010 to call for the transition of Michigan State University away from coal to 100% clean, renewable energy sources. This is part of a national campaign officially sponsored by the Sierra Student Coalition and Sierra Club on over 45 university campuses to shut down or replace campus-based coal plants and end our schools’ dependence on the coal-generated electricity.

We are an organization of over 100 volunteers including students, alumni, faculty, East Lansing community members and representatives from other student organizations who are calling on MSU to be a clean energy leader. We understand the transition off dirty, dangerous and outdated coal technology will involve all of us. Therefore, we are looking forward to working with the MSU Administration and greater MSU/East Lansing community to protect our environment and public health while meeting our energy and electricity needs. We are ready to rise to the challenge as many universities across the country have already done by transitioning our own T.B. Simon Coal-Fired Power Plant beyond coal!

(To read more about some of the universities involved and campuses that have successfully transitioned beyond coal, check out our report: Moving Campuses Beyond Coal.)

We can be found on:




Sign onto our petition online!

Student Petition


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Ryan on November 17, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Hey guys!
    I’m interested in your organization and would love to know if you meet on a regular basis, and how I can get involved.



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